MOSAIC Trial Download

SocialEdge MOSAIC widget builder
Thank you for choosing to download a trial version of the MOSAIC Content Widget, a custom-developed Jive HTML widget built using the Isotope library for displaying visual content and text in a responsive masonry layout. The trial will last 30 days from the time you generate your code and will be supplemented with a user guide. If you experience any problems throughout the trial, please contact Erin Haines.

Step 1: Please provide us with information about yourself.

Step 2: Copy and paste your Jive community URL into the field below.

Version of your jive instance:*

*MOSAIC will not work correctly if it is running on the wrong Jive version.

Step 3: To begin downloading MOSAIC, save each of these files to your computer.

You will only need to complete this step once.

jQuery library
Isotope library
CSS file
Main JavaScript file

Step 4: Once the files are saved to your computer, upload them into your Jive community.

You only need to upload these files once per community. For instructions on using MOSAIC in more than one place on your community, please see the User Manual.

You can upload these files in any reasonable way, i.e:

  • Static Upload or FTP (Hosted only)
  • Create HTML widget, Hide header and upload files via "manage files"
  • Create an "Uploaded file" in group or space

Step 5: Copy and paste the URLs from your Jive community for each of the uploaded files into the fields below.


Step 6: Create the Jive document used for MOSAIC configuration by completing the following steps.

Content is created and stored for MOSAIC in a Jive document, organized within a table. The final MOSAIC is configured by making changes to the table.

    1. Create a new document that is public to the community or the group where MOSAIC will be displayed
    2. Enter 'Edit' mode for the document
    3. Click on the 'HTML' option in the document editing toolbar
    4. Copy the code below and paste into your new document
    5. Click "Show Full Editor" to return to normal editing mode
    6. Add some content. Each row represents a piece of content or 'Box'

Column explanations

    1. Show New Item Label - True turns on the bar above the title and subtitle to reflect a new or featured piece of content (Required)
      • Value = True, False
    2. New Item Text - This text gets displayed in the object described in step 1 "Show New Item Label" (Required)
      • Value: An Appropriate text string such as "New", "Featured", "New Today"
    3. Image - Load the image with the "Add Image" tool in the document editor toolbar (Required)
      • Value: [image]
    4. Title - Loaded to the title area of a box (Optional)
      • Value = Text String ;
    5. Subtitle - Loaded to the subtitle area of a box (Optional)
      • Value = Text String
    6. URL - Use the link tool in the toolbar to insert the location that you would like the box to link to (Required)
      • Value = URL
    7. Box Size - Represent the desired size of the box (Required)
      • Value = Small, Medium-tall, Medium-wide or Large.
    8. Box Color - This represents the color behind your text (Optional if no text is to be displayed, otherwise required)
      • Value = Red, Green, Yellow, Grey, Blue or Light Blue.
    9. Hide text and show only on hover of mouse - True would hide the text block and it would only appear on hover of the mouse over the box (Optional if no text is to be displayed, otherwise required)
      • Value = True, False
    10. Open links in window - True would cause the link to open in a new browser window when clicked
      • Value = True, False

Width of smallest box:

Step 7: Generate your MOSAIC trial version code.

Copy the code below and paste it into an HTML widget on your community. You can use a new/existing HTML widget in a new/existing group, or on your community homepage.

You are now ready to start highlighting content in your community using the MOSAIC widget. We hope you enjoy your trial version and look forward to hearing your feedback. Please download the MOSAIC User Guide for configuration instructions.